05.05.2022 — 18.05.2022

A Gift of Fresh Tulips

Event Period 

- May 5, 2022 (Thu) 00:00 - May 18, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance 


Event Details 

- During the event, obtain [Event] Fresh Tulip Seeds from NPC Lara in Heidel and plant the seeds to harvest [Event] Fresh Tulips that you can give to NPCs in villages/cities for a special buff.  


Step 1. Obtain Fresh Tulip Seeds! 

 ① Accept a special quest from NPC Lara in Heidel during the event. 

Quest NPC  Quest Name  Objective  Reward 
NPC Lara 

[Weekly Quest] 

[Event] For a Fresh Gift 

Speak to Lara 
[Event] Fresh Tulip Seed x1 

* The event quest can only be completed once a week per Family. (Resets every Thursday at 00:00 UTC) 

* The event quest will not count towards Rulupee’s Travel Log. 

Step 2. Plant & Harvest the Fresh Tulip Seeds! 

② The [Event] Fresh Tulip Seed is a farming item that can be planted in a garden. 

1. Plant the [Event] Fresh Tulip Seed in a garden 

2. After enough time has passed, harvest the fully grown Tulips.  

3. You’ve now obtained [Event] Fresh Tulip x10!  

■ Learn more about planting the [Event] Fresh Tulip Seeds!

How to Plant the [Event] Fresh Tulip Seed 

- Click on the magnifying glass-shaped “Find NPC” icon at the upper-right of the in-game screen and search for [fence]. 

- If you go to the NPC that you are directed to, you can rent a fence from the NPC using Contribution. 
(Renting the Old Moon Fence requires you to be Farming Master 1 or higher!) 

- Right-click the fence in a Combat Zone to place it. 

Step 3. Give the Fresh Tulips for a Special Buff! 

③ Bring the [Event] Fresh Tulip to one of the following NPCs to receive a special buff.   

* [Event] Fresh Tulip Buff Exchange Period: May 25, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance 

Exchange NPC  Required Items 

Obtainable Buffs 

(Applies Immediately/Duration: 180 min.) 

NPC Vanacil 
(Heidel Stable Keeper) 

[Event] Fresh Tulip x1 

[Event] Vanacil's Blossom 

- Training EXP +20% 

NPC Izaro 
(Heidel Stable Keeper) 

[Event] Izaro's Blossom 

- Mount EXP +10% 

NPC Flaviano 
(Heidel Material Vendor) 

[Event] Flaviano's Blossom 

- Life EXP +10% 

- All Life Skill Mastery +10 

NPC Amerigo 
(Heidel Storage Keeper) 

[Event] Amerigo's Blossom 

- Weight Limit +100LT 

NPC Techthon 
(Heidel Blacksmith) 

[Event] Techthon's Blossom 

- Item Drop Rate +5%  

- Extra AP Against Monsters +3 

NPC Cruhorn Wyrmsbane 

(Heidel Skill Instructor) 

[Event] Cruhorn Wyrmsbane's Blossom 

- Combat EXP +100% 

- Skill EXP +50% 

* You can obtain multiple buffs from the different NPCs. However, if you receive the same buff from the same NPC, the buff does not stack.  
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